About Karin

Photo professionals tend to describe Karin as a talented, versatile photographer. A photographer who developed a distinct and recognizable style in either her free work and her portraits.

Karin works over 20 years for Dutch superstar Anouk. She shoots her liveshows and festival performances from backstage, on- and frontstage. Karin’s work has been published and used by a variety of printed- and visual media.

She works from a studio in the hamlet of Cruquius, situated  between Hoofddorp and Haarlem, close to Amsterdam.
In the studio she works with corporate and private clients, shooting high quality portraits. Needless to say that she loves working on location as much as in the studio. 

A part of her work has been on display in the prestigious Amsterdam Leica Gallery recently.
Her images have been selected as a Leica Mastershot by Leica Fotografie International on numerous occasions.